Above and Below Dusk till Dawn


While wildebeest ‘search for lush vegetation‘ above the savannah between dusk till dawn, leopards might be carrying their prey into trees. This ensures scavengers cannot take any of their spoils.

Meanwhile beneath the Arctic tundra, snowshoe hares might be bounding across the snow on their ‘large, black paws’. Above, the northern lights could be creating a spectacular show in the atmosphere.

Then again, below the jungle backdrop lurk caiman. They can ‘lay 65 eggs at a time‘! Above them live spider monkeys, who can live together in family groups of up to ‘35 individuals’.

Readers travel Above and Below Dusk till Dawn through the savannah, woods, Arctic tundra, sea, desert and city. We are offered such a rich variety of fascinating information about the life all about these regions. Not only is Harriet Evans’ research really interesting, demonstrating her excitement in her discoveries, bu Nic Jones’ pictures are lush, detailed and beautiful.

Bookwagon loves this series. We are delighted to add Above and Below Dusk till Dawn to the group. We recommend this title highly to readers who seek to know more about the wonders and variety of our planet.

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Above and Below Dusk till Dawn

Harriet Evans and Nic Jones

(Little Tiger)- hardback

It seems that Above and Below Dusk till Dawn many living creatures are wide awake. For example, bush pigs follow monkeys, snaffling up their prey. Then again, in the same habitat, aardvarks will be slurping toward a total of 60,000 insects in the ant and termite mounds it digs through.
Meanwhile, in the Himalayan Mountains, there may be an opportunity to sight a rare golden langur. However, in the winter, it’s unlikely you’d see an Asiatic black bear. It seems that during this time this creature does not ‘move, eat or even poo!‘ Then again, in the city, we’re aware of populations of Canada geese. It seems this bird takes turns to watch over the flock during the night.
Harriet Evans shared her research about living species in Above and Below Sea and Shore. Like that title, in this book, we compare and contrast the two locations. What’s more, we journey to a rich variety of habitats, including desert, sea, jungle and Arctic tundra.
Bookwagon loves this series, We recommend Above and Below Dusk till Dawn highly to readers who enjoy learning about the wonder of our planet.



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