Ada and the Galaxies


Ada’s impatient to see the night sky from Ama and Poobah’s house. After all, there is no light pollution from Maine, is there? However first she must explore where they live, from the osprey nests, to the rock pools, and try kayaking too.

Thereafter, when the night arrives, it seems the sky is drowned in fog. Ada’s not happy to be invited to look at books about space by Poobah. However, when he introduces her to the possibilities of the galaxies, she is entranced. Might she see galaxies out in the great beyond? What if the cloud lifts?

Alongside a charming family story of nature, nurture and observation, the writers incorporate rich seams of scientific knowledge and wonder. Then again, we’ve the intricate, painterly, magical pictures of Susanna Chapman to pore over too.

Altogether, Ada and the Galaxies is a beautiful picture book that Bookwagon loves and recommends highly to our readers.

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Ada and the Galaxies

Alan Lightman and Olga Pastuchiv, and Susanna Chapman

(Walker)– hardback

It seems ‘the night sky is too bright to see the stars’ in New York. Therefore, although Ada’s learned about them she’s never seen them. However, might it be different in Maine, where Ama and Poobah live? It seems the night sky is very dark there. After all, Ada’s been waiting ‘all winter‘.
However, Poobah and Ama have so much to show. It seems there are ospreys that ‘catch fish to feed their babies’. Then there’s Ada’s invitation to kayak too, and explore the rock pools. Yet despite each new opportunity, Ada’s focus is on the sky at night. Therefore, how will she manage should the sky be fogged over? Then again, will Poobah’s suggestion to look at books of stars be welcome?
Shine, Star, Shine! offers inspiration about the universe, such as Ada’s motivated by. Therefore, might it be that her determination to sight beyond the clouds and fog is rewarded? Then again, might Poobah’s books offer further information? Could it be that learning about the nature of a galaxy, sets Ada’s sights higher and further to other worlds again?
It seems that the night sky is a source of possibility and wonder in this glorious picture book. Within a loving narrative of family and new discoveries, enriched by truly poetic pictures, Ada and the Galaxies is a story of devotion, determination and a need to know and hope. Bookwagon loves and recommends Ada and the Galaxies to our readers.


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