Ada Twist, Scientist


We meet Ada Twist, would be scientist, another inspiring pupil in Miss Lila Greer’s Grade 2 Blue River Creek class. While her parents encourage Ada’s constant questioning, it can prove too much for school, seemingly. Like her namesake, groundbreaking computer programmer Ada Lovelace, Ada Twist never stops with her ‘why’s and how’s’. Her class and parents cannot answer the multitude of problems posed by Ada Twist’s even small questions, such as -‘Are messes a problem?’ ‘Ada Twist, Scientist‘ is a shout out for those of us who ‘sit on our hands’, or are seated in silence despite burning with an urge to enquire. Wonderful!

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Ada Twist, Scientist

Andrea Beaty and David Roberts

(Abrams) – hardback

At home, and in her Blue River Creek class, ‘Ada Twist, Scientist’ is perpetually questioning. Her whys, hows and whats may be frustrating, but Ada Twist wants to explore the world around her.


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