AdventureMice: Mice on the Ice


Snow? Skates? Furthermore, a Frost Fair? It seems the Mouse Islands are full of winter fun and celebration. What’s more, the anticipation of the Frost Fair grows, with the AdventureMice explaining to newbie, Pedro, that this treat is full of wonders, from crystallised ginger, to chocolate and even sugarcubes!

However, Skipper shares the bad news that Wobbly Jeff’s venture to collect the goodies from the Human Café has come aground. It means the Frost Fair is off. However, might Pedro have an idea that kickstarts a plan from Ivy? Might there be a way that Wobbly Jeff and his crew and then all the swag from the café could be recovered? If they can work through the ice, then there’s only the sleepy café cat to worry about, surely.

Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome a third  AdventureMice adventure aboard. While the whole series is a triumph, so is each individual story, which work most satisfyingly, alone. Bookwagon recommends Mice on the Ice highly!

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AdventureMice: Mice on the Ice

Reeve & McIntyre

(David Fickling Books)

Snow? Pedro’s never experienced anything like this before! When he lived in Hilltop House, this wintry stuff was the reason to huddle away and hide. However, the AdventureMice welcome snow and then all the winter pursuits from skiing to skating. Then again, how will Pedro cope on skates? His new friends encourage him, saying he’ll take to them easily!
What’s more, all the mice are cockahoop about the annual Frost Fair where everyone put not their stakes and ‘goes out onto the ice, and there are stalls and races and music and hot chocolate’. So how will they face up to the fact that the Frost Fair looks to be cancelled this year? It seems as though Wobbly Jeff’s expedition to collect goodies for the fair has been iced in! Can Pedro ignite a rescue idea, that Ivy might build upon? What about a sailing ship on skis, perhaps?
Bookwagon is delighted to welcome the latest addition to a wonderful series from Reeves & McIntyre. After Mermouse Mystery, where we saw Pedro show his mettle once more, we looked forward to a new mice-vellous adventure. We have that for sure with AdventureMice: Mice on the Ice. 


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