AdventureMice: Mice on the Moon


It seems that Millie’s Uncle Bernie is in a spot of bother! Therefore, the AdventureMice are quick to board the Daring Donut and head to the rescue. However, when they arrive, they find Uncle Bernie before his latest invention, a space rocket he plans to send to the moon. The moon’s an appealing destination. Just think of all that cheese for starters! However, when it seems that Uncle Bernie has a trick up his sleeve, and three mice are launched into space, there’s widespread shock!

Can Pedro, Millie and Fliedermaus work out how to operate the rocket safely? Then navigate gravity? Then again, isn’t it a long journey to the moon? So why do they arrive so quickly? What’s more, could they NOT be the first mice on the moon? That Pontiki arrived ahead of them and has fallen into the ways of these Moon Mice? It seems they’re keen to serve their cheese and entertain with their choral songs…

Bookwagon loves the humour, adventure, imagination and warmth of the AdventureMice series, each title of which stands alone, happily. The words and graphics are so appealing! We love and recommend AdventureMice: Mice on the Moon to our readers.

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AdventureMice: Mice on the Moon

Philip Reeve & Sarah McIntyre

(David Fickling Books)

It’s time to board the Daring Donut. It seems that Millie’s Uncle Bernie has sent a messenger beetle with an urgent message requesting the mice’s help. However, could it be a trick? A way that Uncle Bernie might trial his latest invention that results in AdventureMice: Mice on the Moon?
Pedro, Fleidermaus and Millie clamber into the rocket to explore Uncle Bernie’s small silver capsule that he’s created for a proposed space mission. However, it seems that Uncle Bernie’s ideas extend to the long fuse extending beyond his invention. Thereafter, what might happen should the fuse be lit? It seems that nothing about will extinguish the flame! Thereafter, it’s a case that the trio of non-astronauts are launched into space. What will they find? Then, isn’t a journey into space something long and detailed? Or might these three arrive somewhere unexpected? Then again, that isn’t made of a particularly tasty cheese? In fact, might there be another space explorer in this moon’s vicinity, who seems perfectly content?
Bookwagon is delighted to welcome a fourth adventure from Pedro and the gang. Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre offer such a warm, winning, adventurous and joyful series that began with AdventureMice: Otter Chaos!. Thereafter, we watch and wait and wonder whether the three can solve this dilemma. How can they find a safe way to return to Earth? Then again, might there be more to the Great Cheesy Crystal than any outsiders might possibly imagine?


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