Africa Amazing Africa Country by Country


More than eighty individual countries comprise ‘Africa Amazing Africa’. Through dividing each area into sections, writer Atinuke, seeks to explore individual countries page by page. She offers a general view, from that country’s physical geography, landmarks, history, sports, animals or culture. Thereafter, she includes asides, such as unusual features or items of specific interest.

Mouni Feddag celebrates Atinuke’s writing through sun bright, elongated, poster rich pictures.

‘Africa Amazing Africa Country by Country‘ is a rich, resourceful, proud and fascinating collection of information and experience. We are delighted to welcome it aboard.


Africa Amazing Africa Country by Country

Atinuke, illustrated by Mouni Feddag

(Walker)– hardback

In her introduction, the author offers ‘Africa is changing all the time.’ ‘Africa Amazing Africa Country by Country’ is her exploration of more than eighty nations that comprise this inspirational continent. There are the countries of Southern Africa, from Lesotho to Zimbabwe, or those in Central Africa such as São Tomé and Principe. After an introduction to each area in the continent, we visit every country, page by page.
We learn about each country’s resources, production and physical geography. Every page includes asides about popular sports, or how we might know the country. Furthermore, national idiosyncrasies or items of curiosity and interest are offered.
‘Africa Amazing Africa Country by Country‘ joins a proud selection of non-fiction geography titles. Through this and works such as Amazing World Atlas and This is How We Do It readers have opportunities to experience and appreciate different nations and cultures.


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