Agent 9: Mind Control


Agent 9: Mind Control sees the return of the super secret agent 9 and new partner Traps the mouse in their most critical mission yet.  The sinister DiViSiON organisation is set on acquiring the final pieces of a mind control device which they will use to achieve world domination!  They have recruited the super villain agent Wolf to seize the key elements.  He will stop and nothing and also is seeking revenge on Nine.

The new partnership between Nine and Traps doesn’t start well; Wolf always seems to be ahead of them.  His cunning ruthlessness and smarts take him nearer and nearer to the mind control device.  But never fear! Nine never knows when he is beaten and Traps has just the sort of covert operation skills needed.

This is a very funny and fast-paced graphic novel, packed with jokes and smart dialogue.  It is both a homage and satire of the James Bond and Mission Impossible genre and the art work and graphics are quite brilliant!

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Agent 9: Mind Control

James Burks


Agent 9: Mind Control sees the welcome return of everyone’s favourite feline secret agent, back for a new adventure. It could not have come at a better time, because there is some serious sleuthing and espionage to be done!  This time there is a brand new threat and new foes…and even a new partner.
Their assignment is simple enough: stop the cunning Wolf, who’s been hired by the sinister organisation DiViSiON.  They want to get hold of the final, key pieces of a mind-control device.  The mission is of global safety significance and the S4 team and boss O put together their crack team.  Nine’s new partner Traps is a specialist in covert operations (and knitting). Nine also has it in mind to become the much-coveted Spy of the Month.  It’s a mission involving the highest stakes, but unfortunately, the partnership gets off to a rocky start.  Despite their best efforts, Wolf always seems to be one step ahead. Time is running out and the DiViSiON’s plans for world domination seem to be nearing completion.  Can Agent 9 and Traps (and the trusty Finn) surmount their toughest challenge yet (and can the team work)?
This is another hilarious, action-packed spy story, with brilliant graphics and packed with snappy dialogue and jokes.  James Burks hits just the right note of reverence for the Mission Impossible series, alongside wry humour.  It’s perfect for fans of graphic novel action and funny crime-fighting stories.
Bookwagon is delighted to stock the first in the series Agent 9: Flood-a-Geddon.


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