Agent Moose: Operation Owl


It seems that nobody has thought of using a Viking longboat disguise until Moose resurrected it from Case 57 as a way to travel through the floods. However, not only is he ‘slightly soggy’ but it appears that he’s ‘slightly flummoxed’ as to the cause of the floods. Then again, it won’t be long, because before he and Owlfried know it, there’s an alert from the Bank. It’s been flooded! Who would want to flood the Big Woods? Then again, do they have a specific target?

Fortunately, when the criminals kidnap Madam HQ, her Morse Code is intercepted by the agents. It seems the criminal is familiar. What’s more Moose has a plan to reduce Madam HQ and capture the baddies. However, is it possible that Owlfried, who’s determined to prove his feistiness, might muster up his courage, don a disguise and head straight into the thick of the battle? Then again, who might come up trumps in a best of three battle for disguises?

Bookwagon loves the farce, imagination, wit and brilliant graphics of Mo O’Hara’s and Jess Bradley’s Agent Moose graphic novels. This third outing, Operation Owl, left this Bookwagon reader laughing aloud constantly. We love this series, and suggest this title, which works alone too, is a great addition to the Bookwagon shelves!

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Agent Moose: Operation Owl

Mo O’Hara, with art by Jess Bradley


Not- Quite-So- Special Owlfried is on a mission to prove that he’s feisty. However, though he’s ‘very precise‘, calm and patient, it’s difficult to find any feistiness. Thereafter, Moose’s on a mission to discover the source of the flood. Who would be wanting to flood the Big Woods? Might it be the way to create a new case- Agent Moose: Operation Owl?
After enjoying Moose’s capers including Moose on a Mission, we know Moose’s strengths, especially his strategic disguises. However, it seems on this case, he’s having to outwit a determined, yet familiar opponent, alongside Madam HQ. Is it possible that the disguises might go further, to include the magpies and then Owlfried, too? Furthermore, what might Madam HQ’s morse code reveal? Is it possible that her knocks might lead the agents to learn the criminals’ crafty plan? Then again, are there ways to prevent kidnap through a huge bill?
Throughout Operation Owl, Mo O’Hara‘s plot twists left me laughing aloud. Then again, the finale is ingenious and uproarious! What’s more, Jess Bradley’s graphics are deft, clever and hilarious. It adds up to a highly enjoyable and original crime caper that demands to be read again for true appreciation. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this third, yet standalone, Moose- vellous graphic adventure aboard!


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