Agent Zaiba Investigates:The Smuggler’s Secret


Zaiba is really excited to be part of Ms Talbot’s school history outing to Chesil Bay. After all, they’ve been learning about a wreck and the treasure that has been recovered from it. Now they’ll be part of the audience when a precious artefact is revealed.

However Zaiba, best friend Poppy, little brother Ali and cousin Mariam, are signed up members of the UK branch of the Snow Leopard Detective Society. It’s an important role and means that the group are always prepared  and engaged. What’s more, Zaiba uses her Aunt Fouzia, founder member and lead investigator, as her guiding hand. After all she and Zaiba’s late mother worked together so their experience and guidance are invaluable.

It’s why she surveys passengers aboard a train or a glass bottomed boat, looks over entrances and exits and maps. It means that when the precious artefact cannot be revealed as it’s been thieved…. Zaiba and her society are quickly into action. Can they crack the case? What does it have to do with the ancient history of smuggling along this south coast?

Bookwagon loves the Agent Zaiba series. This fourth title, Agent Zaiba Investigates: The Smuggler’s Secret, is the fourth and final book. While it is a fitting conclusion, it works well as a stand alone title too, a most satisfying and watertight story!

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Agent Zaiba Investigates:The Smuggler’s Secret

Annabelle Sami, illustrated by Daniela Sosa

(Little Tiger Press)

Agent Zaiba Investigates:The Smuggler’s Secret, although it begins with a journey to Chesil Beach by the school’s historical group. It seems they’ll be part of the audience when a precious artefact recovered from a wreck is revealed. What’s more, Zaiba’s joined by other members of her Snow Leopard Detective Society UK group.  Despite their excitement, each member is on the look out for anything suspicious. After all, they’ve solved other crimes, such as The Haunted House 
It’s not long into the story when we’re introduced to a suspicious train passenger. and then a family group aboard a glass bottomed boat. What’s more, there’s an overly loud actor, and a flustered museum keeper. Then again the group hear eerie noises in the smuggling caves on the beach. Thereafter, using all her detective skills means Zaiba’s guessed at what treasure the Chesil Bay society will show….. However, what happens if this precious item is stolen before it’s even seen? After all, it will need the society’s practice and Zaiba’s training to help them crack the case!
It seems  Annabelle Sami has created a capable character in her young detective and then, in her company. In fact, we know and like each, and recognise their individual characters. What’s more, the mysteries are interesting and gripping. Bookwagon loves and recommends Agent Zaiba Investigates:The Smuggler’s Secret, the fourth and final title in a splendid, satisfying series. What’s more, this book, like its predecessors, stands well on its own.


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