Agent9: Flood-a-Geddon!


O’s a little doubtful that Agent9’s ready to leave probation. After all, they’re rather impulsive and have cost the super spy service millions in broken vehicles and equipment. Agent9’s desire to head out to missions and help cannot be doubted. However, can they be relied upon?

When super villain King Crab overwhelms the super spy service, there’s nobody but Agent9 to step into the breach. They’re keen to leap into action and fight back against King Crab. However, King Crab’s full of ideas and technology, even if they’re inclined to chaos. Then again, who can Agent9 hope to have help? Sea Otters can be trusted, can’t they? Then again, there’s always sidekick, robot Fin.

Yet, time’s ticking and Agent9 must find King Crab and stop his evil plan. It’s Agent9: Flood-a-Geddon! a whip smart, pacy, funny and brilliantly realised graphic novel from James Burks. Bookwagon loves this and recommends it to our readers!

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Agent9: Flood-a-Geddon!

James Burks


It seems that Agent 9 is averse to reading manuals, or taking Fin’s good advice. It means that hoping they’ve passed probation to become an agent in ‘the secret super spy service’ is a tall order. What’s more, it might be a taller order should O discover what’s happened to the new motorbike. Then again, where is O? Could Supervillain King Crab be planning to overwhelm the super spy service so his evil plan can be put into action?
It seems that King Crab’s determined to melt the polar ice caps to create a mega global water theme park! What’s more, by taking over the super spy service there’s no one who can step in to stop his plans! Really? After all, Agent 9’s on the case, desperately trying to pass the probation stage. Then again, Agent 9’s full of ideas…. It seems that whenever there’s an obstacle, they’ll knock it down, even if they’ve not tested it through first!
James Burks entertained us hugely with his Bird & Squirrel series. Bookwagon is thrilled to welcome Agent9: Flood-a-Geddon! aboard. Not only are the graphics crisp, dramatic and exciting, but the storyline and characters very funny. We love bumbling King Crab, alongside our impulsive would-be superhero and wise sidekick. Altogether, Bookwagon recommends Agent9: Flood-a-Geddon! to all our readers.



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