Ajay and the Jaipur Moon


How is it possible that Ajay and his team from the Mumbai Sun might locate a meteorite in Jaipur? He is determined to find it ahead of a mysterious, threatening Man in a Grey Suit. After all, won’t the prize money enable the team to buy a new printing press? Then again, Ajay needs money to pay for the return of his precious fountain pen from the pawn shop.

However, things don’t really go the way that Ajay plans. It’s not just locating the meteorite, but then it’s the story around it. After all the prize money is offered by Mrs Surya of the WECU space programme. It’s planning to launch India’s first rocket into space. However, ti seems that Mrs Surya has bigger plans than this. Then again, the programme seems to be under threat of sabotage. Who would do this? Can Ajay investigate to uncover the plot? Won’t it be a front page story for his paper? However, what if Ajay is being misled in a double cross?

Alongside a cracking detective story, we’ve characters who depend upon each other and whom we care for. Then we’ve a stirring history lesson about India, it’s proud past, and the race to space too.

Bookwagon welcomes, Ajay and the Jaipur Moon to our readers, a welcome companion piece to Ajay and the Mumbai Sun.

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Ajay and the Jaipur Moon

Varshah Shah

(Chicken House)

The Mumbai Sun might be printing every morning from the railway station, but Saif has trouble. It seems the printing press upon which he prepares Ajay’s news is time consuming, elderly and on its last legs. However, how can any of Ajay’s team hope to finance a new press? Then again, isn’t this industry what unites them and gives them purpose in each of their individual ways?
Could it be the discovery of a meteorite fallen in Jaipur could give the team the opportunity they need so much? Or might it lead into a story of the century, such as Ajay’s always dreamed? After all, it seems that Mrs Surya, director of the WECU space programme understands Ajay’s struggles and seeks to support each of the team. Then again, how is she related to the Man in the Grey Suit? Furthermore, who is behind the potential sabotage of India’s first space mission? Ajay’s determined to uncover the truth, but in so doing might unravel a plot that goes right to the top!
After Ajay and the Mumbai Sun, Bookwagon was delighted to return to the determined Mumbai railway kids. It seems their industry and ambition break out from the page. Thereafter, Varsha Shah offers a background history to her characters, from British colonialism to Jaipur, and then the space race too! Bookwagon recommends Ajay and the Jaipur Moon to our readers.


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