Albert’s Tree


‘Albert’s Tree‘ is his favourite place in the whole world. It’s perfect. Yet it’s unhappy and won’t stop crying. Rabbit suggests it needs holes to play in. Caribou considers that ‘Albert’s Tree‘ would be happier with grass to eat. Yet the crying continues. Everyone in the forest is perturbed.

What happens when Albert climbs higher in his tree, to enquire gently as to why his tree is crying?

‘Albert’s Tree’ is a really warm, sympathetic, loving story. Albert is an endearing main character. The story is unpredictable, and offers scope for lots of talking and sharing. Bookwagon suggests that ‘Albert’s Tree’ is likely to become a much requested, favourite bedtime story.


Albert’s Tree

Jenni Desmond

(Walker Books)

Albert’s Tree‘ is perfect. It’s not too hard, too soft, too slippery or too prickly. It’s his favourite place in the world. However ‘Albert’s Tree‘ is not happy. What can Albert do to console his tree?


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