Alice Éclair Spy Extraordinaire


Alice Éclair has been tasked with her first spying mission, despite her youth. It means her working aboard the Sapphire Express as a pastry chef, where only perfection is accepted. What’s more, she’s tasked with discovering who amongst the passengers is a spy, and then recovering the papers they’re evidently taking to Marseilles. It’s a tall task, but Alice has been well trained. What’s more, somebody has been sending her clues and puzzles and preparing her with missions about Paris; Alice is ready.

However as Alice delves deeper it’s obvious that there are secrets and lies amongst a number of passengers. It takes all of her deduction and clear thinking to maintain her role aboard, while investigating without being rumbled. Thereafter, when she does make her breakthrough it is nothing as she expected…. In fact it leads to a shocking discovery.

Alice Éclair Spy Extraordinaire: A Recipe for Trouble is a pacy, exciting detective adventure story, from Paris to the south with plenty of twists, turns and delicious treats along the way. Bookwagon looks forward to further stories in this series!

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Alice Éclair Spy Extraordinaire

A Recipe for Trouble

Sarah Todd Taylor

(Nosy Crow)

Alice’s enjoyed the notes and puzzles that have been appearing for the past year. Not only have they proved mentally stimulating but it seems as though she’s being tested. Therefore, who’s behind them? What’s more, what’s the test? Although Alice’s suspicions as to the sender are proved correct, she’s astonished at her assignment. It seems that she Alice Éclair, Spy Extraordinaire, is to take on a role as pastry chef aboard the Sapphire Express. Thereafter, she’s to locate the secret agent aboard, and intercept the package they are carrying. It’s a case of national importance!
Although Alice’s young, it seems she’s intelligent, and quick-witted. What’s more, she’s been trained by her Uncle Robert, one of France’s best spies. Therefore, she uses all her skills to create pastry wonders alongside investigate secretly. However, what she discovers is not what she expects….
As with Kate on the Case, we’re aboard a train with a small cast of characters, each rousing suspicion from our central character, and then from us, the reader. However, the allusion to the Orient Express, is a delight, alongside the delicious concoctions that our heroine creates.
Bookwagon loves the pace, setting and mystery of Alice Éclair Spy Extraordinaire: A Recipe for Trouble. What’s more, we look forward to further adventures!


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