All Aboard the London Bus


What a joyous journey around London’s landmarks and historic places the reader takes with a visiting family to our capital city. Pen and ink illustrations by Blake – like illustrator Sam Usher within an attractive matte paper setting, showcase the journey and poetry ideally.

Patricia Toht employs a variety of poetry, from rhyming couplets to describe the London Eye, to gentle descriptive lyric verse in Westminster Abbey. There’s a tumbling shape poem meandering the course of the River Thames, and a numerical acrostic urging the reader to play a ‘Where’s Wally’ search amongst the landscape view of Trafalgar Square. ‘All Aboard the London Bus‘ is a triumph of poetry and a celebration of the capital.

Patricia Toht creates and choose works that really describe each selected London experience in the very best way, using appropriate poetic forms and devices. ‘All Aboard the London Bus‘ is a book of poetry that is appealing, eminently readable, informative and fulfilling. This is a loving paean to our capital city, and a poetry book made to last- rather like London itself!


All Aboard the London Bus

Patricia Toht and Sam Usher

(Frances Lincoln) – hardback

‘All Aboard the London Bus‘, we’re off on a tour about the capital. Big Ben, The River Thames, Westminster Abbey… it’s all here to explore in a variety of poetry forms! What a beautiful, ‘forever’, treasure of a collection.


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