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We know that ‘Cats are…. Mischievous‘. Thereafter, in All About Cats, we read ‘Here’s a trick all cats adore./ The thought of it will make them grin:/ Burst a balloon with just one claw-/ The dog will jump right out of its skin!’ What’s more, we’ve evidence, for the accompanying illustration, shows a pair of menacing twin tabbies, holding a red balloon, preparing to startle the sleeping pooch below. We can see some graffiti on the post behind the kennel too, that suggests these cats tease the poor dog frequently!

Then again, what about…. ‘Cats are… Clean’. Here we read that ‘Every cat you’ve ever seen/ Likes to be completely clean./ Every day, when cats go home,/ They have a bath with lots of foam’. We see a trio in the tub with this illustration. Might they be the tabby tearaways? There’s a rubber duck and then a crescent moon watching through the skylight above.

Altogether, there are fourteen quatrains describing cats amusingly and imaginatively. Every description is includes in a pair of rhyming couplets, with delightful accompanying images.

Bookwagon suggests All about Cats would be a superb selection for bedtime reading or reading aloud. What’s more, there’s opportunity to recite rhymes, extend the concept and then know well and love such a beautifully created picture book.

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All About Cats

Fantastically funny rhymes

Axel Scheffler, Frantz Wittkamp and David Henry Wilson

(Pan Macmillan)

Axel Scheffler collaborates with Frantz Wittkamp and David Henry Wilson with All About Cats. The fourteen quatrains describe cats, from being noisy, to collectors, hungry to musical! What’s more, every double paged description is accompanied by an entertaining and expressive illustration.
Therefore, we visit a gathering of joyful cats. We see how ‘birthdays are always a special treat’/ They give the cats a good excuse/ For ascription things to drink and eat,/ Like fishcakes, milk and rhubarb juice‘. We love the nonsense, which is guaranteed to raise a laugh. Furthermore, it leads us to linger over the pictures. Is this gathering REALLY drinking rhubarb juice?
Then again, when we encounter a loving cat family, we read how ‘Parents always help each other/ That’s what makes a happy marriage./ A kitten’s carried by its mother,/ While father wheels the baby carriage’. Again, the rhyme is tight, the ideas far-fetched and wonderful. What’s more, we look over at the cat family, with father pushing a proud carriage of two kittens. It seems caught between them is an anxious mouse…
Frantz Wittkamp collaborated with Axel Scheffler upon Happy Bunnies, while David Henry Wilson is a Somerset based writer and translator. The trio have created such a refreshing, joyful poetry picture book in All About Cats, that Bookwagon recommends for reading aloud, particularly, with our young readers.


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