All Right Already!


‘All Right Already!’ It’s snowy outside. Duck is beside himself with excitement. Snow calls for exploring. Who better to explore with than Bear? It doesn’t matter that Bear is bathing. Bear doesn’t like the cold. He doesn’t want to play freeze tag, make snow bears or sledge. He’s not prepared for a snowball fight. In fact, Bear is drenched and freezing and….

Somehow, ‘the magic of winter’ isn’t shared by Bear. However, he does share something with Duck. Yet again, when the chips are down, it is ‘All Right Already!’ and Bear complies.

The wordplay in ‘All Right Already!’ makes me laugh out loud. We know these two characters so well; they are the Oscar and Felix of picture book reading. Benji Davies’ interpretation of the pair, from Duck’s seeming oblivion to opposition to Bear’s complete bewilderment at his neighbour, is empathetic and telling!

This is a favourite series. Therefore, I am sad that ‘All Right Already‘ concludes the  quartet. However, there is so much to be enjoyed by repeated readings of this and its predecessors, Goodnight Already!Come Home Already! and I Love You Already!


All Right Already!

A Snowy Story

Jory John & Benji Davies


Before Bear can utter, All Right Already! they’re outside. It’s snowy out, just the day for staying warm, lingering in a hot bath. That’s what Bear thinks yet Duck’s not having it. ‘There’s snow everywhere. Let’s go exploring!‘ Deep into drifts, blinded with snow, playing freeze tag, there’s no let up for Bear. However, we know from our experience of this dynamic duo, how much they depend upon each other. It seems like we’ve travelled the distance through their separation in Come Home, Already! to Duck’s needy plea for approbation in I Love You, Already! Therefore, we are as committed to Duck and Bear as they are to each other.
This series is a classic, a beloved Bookwagon triumph. Therefore we are unwilling to say Goodnight, Already! to Duck and Bear. We are certain that readers need heady doses of Duck’s desperate repetition as he cooks up more ways to play with his friend. Therefore, we order you to indulge again, and again- All Right, Already!?


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