All the Cats


Look at ‘THAT CAT!’ It seems to be a multihued magnificence, smiling across an inky double page! Then again, what of the ‘short cat, tall cat, careful not to fall cat’. They are enquiring, engaged and mischievous. We wonder at the ‘Where cat? There cat.‘ In our first sighting, this puss is hidden within a laundry basket, but then appears proudly, bursting out as the ‘Awful lot of hair cat!’

With vibrant ink smudges, shapes and movements, Nicola Kent’s All the Cats offers a cat-cophony of wonderful felines to linger over and enquire about. Thereafter, what about the ‘string cat‘ or ‘shoe cat’? The Bookwagon assistant is a ‘slipper’ cat, keen to find a sheepish friend! Then again, might your reader be one to pore over the matching cats? It seems none look the same, act the same, can be entirely predictable.

Bookwagon loves this wonderful picture book. We suggest it is a superb choice to enjoy together, talk about, wonder at, treasure and gift. All the Cats is purr-fectly appealing!

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All the Cats

Nicola Kent

(Andersen Press)

‘Short cat, tall cat, careful not to fall cat’. It seems there is a wealth of catty difference. For example, what about the ‘thin cat‘ and the ‘fat cat’? Then again, just consider ‘that cat!‘ It’s easy to be awed by its magnificence!
It seems, just as she did with All the Dogs, wonderful writer- illustrator Nicola Kent inspires us to observe, enjoy and compare. Thereafter, her we love her ‘matching specs and socks cat’ , while wondering why there might be a ‘bag cat‘ or even a ‘box cat’. What’s more, there’s a wonderful page where we’re invited to find any cat pairs. Do any match, or might it be that each is as individual as cat owners know them to be?
We love the way the writer rhymes and then the warm, looping font of her text. Then again, her pictures are active, curious, formed in splurges and inky shapes. Somehow this fits the subject perfectly, for it suggests the curiosity and secrecy of the feline world. What’s more, every difference compounds the individuality of this creature too!
Bookwagon suggests that All the Cats is a great choice for reading aloud, getting to know and enjoy, sharing and reciting too. What’s more, we offer that this book will lead to many more feline observations when readers are out and about, too!


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