All the Dogs


Let’s take a look at All the Dogs. There are so many to choose from. We might look over a ‘big dog‘ and then a ‘small dog‘ or even a ‘hardly there at all dog‘. However, what about a ‘cross dog’ or a ‘happy dog‘, a ‘quiet dog’ or a ‘yappy dog‘? Then again, what about dogs that are ‘toing and froing’?

We work our way through Nicola Kent’s invitation to wonder about and enjoy All the Dogs. We might see dogs we recognise. We’re certainly to see dogs that make us laugh and think about. What about the ‘two dogs’? Really? Then again, how many spots? Thereafter what about the ‘No dogs’? (It seems the only creature on the grass is really rather happy at that sign!)

We love Nicola Kent’s clever, witty picture book, with its imaginative picture forms, variety and movement. What’s more, the rhyme, the comparisons and the colour are delightful. Bookwagon recommends All the Dogs as a superb choice to read aloud, look over, comment upon and enjoy.

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All the Dogs

Nicola Kent

(Andersen Press)

What sort of dog do you know? Let’s explore All the Dogs. You might see a ‘coming dog, going dog‘  or then an ‘always to and froing dog‘. What about a ‘cross dog‘ or even a ‘happy dog’, or then a ‘quiet dog’ or ‘yappy dog‘? It seems this one will even ‘yap yap yap’ at the post!
It seems there’s a rich range of canines to compare. What about one that leaps or another that peeps? Nicola Kent tends the considerations and comparisons to behaviours, and characters. Then again wonder at their actions, where they might be going. Furthermore, we observe all their differences, from shape to size, age to action. Like A Day with Dogs we are filled with watching and commenting, learning and wondering.
What’s more, the rhyming text, full of description and movement, and then the soft coloured pictures, are accessible. They invite us to linger upon them and think about the moment. For example, when we alight on the show dog trio, we look at the dais, the ribbons, the winners too. Furthermore, when we look over the penultimate page, when we see a rush of doggy paws heading off, we’re alerted to a lull. It seems there’s obstruction to the process, a No Dog sign, beneath which one proud puss preens.
Bookwagon loves and recommends All the Dogs to our readers for read aloud, quoting from, imagining and extending. This is a beautiful book, ripe for sharing, gifting and treasuring.


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