All the Things A River Can Be


What can a river be? While we know that it travels, we’re reminded that its journey might take it ‘from a slow stream to rushing rapids‘. Then again mightn’t start from countless raindrops that course through land to sea?

Mightn’t we travel on rivers? Or even live upon them in houseboats? It seems we’ve an opportunity to peep into houseboats. Yet these might be found upon canals, ‘waterways‘ built by humans ‘where rivers don’t exist‘. Humans might swim or explore along rivers, but then we’ve fish and otters, birds and beavers to discover along river ways.

Alongside such encouraging, informative text from James Carter, we’ve pop bright illustrations and paper flaps and fold to explore with All The Things a River Can Be. Bookwagon is so happy to welcome this wonderful book aboard.

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All The Things a River Can Be

with flaps and moving pieces

James Carter & Nathalia Takeyama

(Little Tiger Press)

Exploring and adventures? To the sea, ‘across countries and continents‘? Let’s consider All The Things a River Can Be. It seems James Carter has a raft of ideas, so readers might jump aboard!
Thereafter, we look at the animals we might find within rivers and then along a riverbank, from ‘fish beneath the water’ to herons. What’s more, hidden within lodges, that we might engineer we could discover beavers! What else lives within this habitat?
Then again, what about a river’s journey, from ‘a trickle, flow[ing] down through valleys… and across the land.. to the sea‘. Furthermore, what about humans’ canal homes, or even a place where treasures might be hidden! However, mightn’t rivers be our happy places too? Just think about swimming or boating, exploring or puttering about! Aren’t these places an ideal location for everyone?
Rather like this writer’s wonderful All the Things a Tree Can Be, this title is rich with wonder, reminders, suggestions and information. Then again, Nathalia Takeyama’s illustrations and paper engineering are bright, intriguing and so inviting. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this book aboard.


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