All the Things a Tree Can Be


Do you know All the Things a Tree Can Be? We might think of it as somewhere to play, but then what about the way that it cleans ‘the air that we breathe‘?

James Carter and Nathalia Takeyama have created a beautiful board book with flaps and moving pieces that extend our understanding and widen our appreciation. Thereafter, we consider the seasonal changes of deciduous trees, lifting the flap in autumn to see what happens when leaves die back. Then we see the creatures that might hibernate around a winter tree by lifting a further flap too.

However we think about the communities that depend further upon trees. For example, what about forests, with their wide range of species, beyond our knowledge in many instances. In fact, these communities are so close that the trees depend on them too to extend their terrain through the poo passed from the seeds creatures eat from them.

The colours are bright, the interactivity enticing, while James Carter’s information and lyricism are delightful. Bookwagon welcomes All the Things a Tree Can Be aboard.

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All the Things a Tree Can Be

with flaps and moving pieces

James Carter and Nathalia Takeyama

(Little Tiger Press)

How about thinking of trees as ‘ground- hugging, sky-nudging wonders‘! It seems that it’s a living thing, that might be deciduous and shed its leaves, or evergreen, with all year round needle- like leaves. Then again, just think how a trees might grow, from seed, to seedling, sapling to a mature specimen. At this point its an adult, thick and tall. Like all living things, it will die, but its dead wood offers a habitat for other living things.
We watch the seasonal changes of deciduous trees, through spring and summer, autumn and winter. What’s more, we can lift the flaps to realise the change, and then surrounding life, too.
Then again, we look at the varieties of forest, formed by climate. Then we see the living creatures that depend upon these forests, like rainforests, ‘found in hot climates‘. We progress to realising how the living things around trees help their survival too, spreading their seeds through its poo.
Like Out There in the Wild: Poems on Nature to which he contributed, James Carter demonstrates his scientific knowledge within this fascinating book for younger readers. All The Things a Tree Can Be is interactive, fulfilling and beautifully formed. Bookwagon is proud to welcome it aboard.


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