All The Way Down

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All The Way Down is a fine, life-affirming story telling how a group of children, who hardly know each other, find themselves trapped in a semi-collapsed disused mine with the underground water level rising….

They all share adversities in their lives and are attending a summer camp for children burdened by difficulties.  As their time underground stretches beyond 24 hours, they realise they have no idea when they might be rescued.  They are forced to confront their fears and secrets and grow closer.  Meanwhile, the rescue teams are battling time and and a storm deluge as they strive to bring the children back to safety.

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All The Way Down

Stewart Foster

(Simon & Schuster)

In All The Way Down, 11 year-old Milo finds himself at a summer camp for ‘problem children’.  Milo has withstood a tragedy in his life, but now spends a lot of time with the thoughts in his head.  Alongside other children who are going through difficulties in their lives, the summer camp is supposed to help them open up about their problems.
Milo feels somewhat sceptical about the summer camp and has struggled to make friends among the other children.  When a trip is announced to a disused mine, Milo meets Oscar and Effie, neither of whom, like Milo, want to venture underground.  Their worse fears are realised when they become separated from the larger group and then the mine collapses.
The children have to draw on all their resources, since they have no idea when they might be rescued.  They have to rely on each other and their self-belief, but as their isolation lengthens, their deepest fears and secrets are revealed.
Stewart Foster is an expert story-teller.  Despite the subject matter, the story is never less than totally enlightening and the children remain stoic and cheerful.  The children are challenged and show great resourcefulness and great depths of resilience.  This is a thoroughly absorbing and resonating story that is wholly recommended.
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1 review for All The Way Down

  1. Paula Hale

    Brilliant book about friendship, family and grief. Stewart Foster is just a genius writer.

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