All the Wild Wonders


From climate change, to the loss of habitat and species, humankind is in flux and furrowed brow about our planet. Wendy Cooling’s superb collection of poems from around the world. offers a variety of experiences, views and styles, considering the threats, miracles and status of global existence.

From William Blake to Ahmet Hasim, Felice Holman to Riad Nourallah, poets of different era, locations and experience, share their viewpoints, imaginings, devices and compositions. This makes for a rich, enrapturing collection, worthy of every home and schoolroom. We recommend ‘All the Wild Wonders‘ to readers aged from 8 or 9 years old.


All the Wild Wonders

Poems of our Earth

Edited by Wendy Collins, illustrated by Piet Grobler

(Frances Lincoln)

This superb collection contains poems of praise and peril about our planet. They are perfectly selected, offering a variety of style, observation and origin. ‘All the Wild Wonders‘ is a necessity for home and school.


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