All the Year Round


From a January woolly scarf, to a February bake, a musical March to an April spring clean, John Yeoman and Quentin Blake lead a panoply of activity through the calendar. Each month of the year is supported by wild and various activity, Blake’s loose-limbed pen and ink illustration, and clever, twisting rhyme.

‘All the Year Round‘ is a superb book for bedtime reading. I could imagine families reciting from this, building an arsenal of memories and shared humour. There is nothing ordinary in the conjuring of the writers, but together, they have composed a most glorious and memorable almanac, a book of the year.

We recommend ‘All the Year Round‘ to readers from infancy to adulthood. This is a title to look over and enjoy, share and love.

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All the Year Round

Every month in rhyme, from spring to wintertime!

John Yeoman & Quentin Blake

(Andersen Press)- hardback

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter- There are hundreds of reasons/ For welcoming seasons!‘ The incomparable team of John Yeoman and Quentin Blake take us on a rip-roaring, rhyming tour through each month of the year, detailing our habits, the changes, foods and behaviour. There is so much fun to be had in reading and sharing this delightful book.


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