All’s Happy that Ends Happy


Dani and Ella may be separated by miles, but their friendship is faithful. Although Dani did not manage to reach Northbrook when she sought Ella in Where Dani Goes, Happy Follows she remains committed to her dearest friend. Therefore, her thoughts turn to Ella while she is recovering in hospital, and thereafter through other notable events.

It seems that nobody other than her family is sure about Dani’s whereabouts. It leads to her classmates, including Cushion, Meatball and Benny, travelling to her house with an Easter egg. Might they keep it for her should she not be at home?

It leads to Ella writing a message for a bottle, while she’s supposed to be minding Miranda. Will the message reach Dani, and will Miranda stay out of harm’s way?

What is happening with Dani? Can she mend Dad and Sadie? Might she travel to Rome with Grandma and participate in a joyous occasion, even if she has to ‘sit down on the Spanish steps to rest’?

All’s Happy that Ends Happy is a truly satisfying conclusion to one of Bookwagon’s favourite series. It is relatable, respectful and thoroughly engrossing storytelling for readers of any age, but a necessity for newer chapter book readers. Furthermore, the writer and illustrator know and like their creations. It means that we believe in these characters and understand their feelings and behaviour. Therefore, while we’re sad that this seems to be a conclusion to something we loved, it’s all rather filling, rather like ‘pasta and truffle sauce‘ with the sauce ‘put to one side.


All’s Happy that Ends Happy

Rose Lagercrantz and Eva Eriksson

(Gecko Press)

All’s Happy that Ends Happy, that is if Dani has her way about it. While Cushion and her friends wonder at Dani’s extended absence, a lot has happened in Dani’s world. First of all the illness through which she suffered in Where Dani Goes, Happy Follows meant a long time off school. Following holidays and recuperation with Grandma and Grandad, there is a special event in Rome with Dad and Sadie. However much Dani wants Ella to be there, it seems that there’s no chance. So much for scattering white and red rose petals. Therefore, what will Dani make of Rome, Dad’s Italian relatives, and all the sightseeing?
Meanwhile, what is happening with Ella? We know that Ella’s ‘moods [are] like the weather’. So what will she make of her best friend’s absence? While the two girls have been parted since Ella moved to Northbrook, their friendship is faithful. Therefore, Dani’s silence must be worrying to Ella. What can she do about it? How might she feel should she meet up with Dani anew and learn all about which she has not been a part? Will a present trail help?
Bookwagon has loved this respectful, engrossing and thoughtful series of translated stories since they began with My Happy Life. This conclusion, All’s Happy that Ends Happy, is a logical, spot- on, finale. The writer and illustrator have imbued these stories with such reality that we know our characters inside out, their flaws and feelings, actions and reactions. Therefore, while we are sad to farewell Dani, Ella and their families and friends, we feel satisfied, rather like Miranda with the extra bar of chocolate. We urge every newer chapter book reader to dip into this series. It is a joy.


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