Alphonse That is Not OK to Do!


Alphonse, That is Not OK to Do! Most of the time Alphonse does not bother Natalie. They rub along well together, ‘bouncing things off the bunkbeds‘ and sharing ‘stories in the chair’. What’s more, ‘they both love- making things’. Yet it bothers Natalie when Alphonse draws on things Natalie makes or when he eats them.

Therefore, when Natalie finds him eating her favourite book, it’s a case of Alphonse, That is Not OK to Do! What’s more she does not want to hear from him, and tries to shut him out. However the tornadoes and ‘screeching beasts’ and ‘glass peas raining from the sky’ suggest all is not well with Alphonse. Yet when Natalie returns to check on him, all is ominously quiet…

Alphonse and Natalie are the best of friends, the most ideal and imaginative playmates, as we know from the outstanding Alphonse, There’s Mud on the Ceiling! With unique characterisations, recognisable situations and deft humour, Daisy Hirst has created such a joyous, satisfying, warm picture book story. Bookwagon adores Alphonse, That is Not OK to Do!

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Alphonse, That is Not OK to Do!

Daisy Hirst


Most of the time Natalie does not mind her brother. After all they do things together, like ‘naming the pigeons, bouncing things off the bunkbeds and stories in the chair’. However sometimes there are bad days. Those are the times that Natalie feels compelled to remind Alphonse That is Not OK to Do! 
It might be a day when he draws on things Natalie makes, or when Mum mistakes her drawing. Or it could be even worse, and she could discover her book is eaten. Thereafter, Natalie might hide from Alphonse or imagine tornadoes. However, maybe when it grows quiet she could worry about him. Then again, maybe Alphonse is trying to make things better but his efforts have gone a little wrong… After all, sticky tape can be a most unpredicatble monster.
Alphonse and Natalie’s picture book stories make this Bookwagon reader’s heart stir and eyes water. There is such truth in this relationship, such energy and imagination. We’ve experienced these primary coloured ‘little monsters’ in Alphonse, There’s Mud on the Ceiling! and I Do Not Like Books Anymore! Thereafter we recognise the dynamics of their relationship, their unity and then their divisions. Furthermore, the way that Daisy Hirst sequences the stories so that we realise the episodic interludes, separations and long dramatic, tense, pauses, is thoroughly satisfying.
Bookwagon recommends Alphonse That is Not OK to Do! alongside the other works from Daisy Hirst. We delight in the humour, empathy and originality of form. This, like the other picture books from this writer, is a real, meaningful, satisfying story.


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