Alphonse, There’s Mud on the Ceiling!


Natalie and Alphonse drive their double-decker bed. They have a big green chair from which to leap. What they discover lurking there, leads to a jungle adventure with wriggling worms, a threat to Dad’s coffee, and… ‘Alphonse, There’s Mud on the Ceiling!’  

What can the children play now? They long for an expedition, but they live on the seventh floor! Might there be an expedition lurking in the park? Perhaps a squirrel called Squilliam? Blackberries? Sticks? The potential to move the wilderness to their home?

‘Alphonse, There’s Mud on the Ceiling!’ celebrates the open-ended possibilities of play. The fact the pair are depicted as little monster characters in a bold, exciting world, enhances Daisy Hirst’s message of imagination. There is potential in every particle of any space if we search for it. That’s what Alphonse and Natalie do. What a glorious, imaginative, original picture book!


Alphonse, There’s Mud on the Ceiling!

Daisy Hirst

(Walker)– hardback

Natalie and Alphonse live in a flat. They have a double-decker bed to drive and sunflowers on the balcony. Furthermore, there are lions or bears in the cupboard (maybe). What happens when the door to the cupboard is left open? What will Natalie and Alphonse discover? Could their discoveries lead to a new adventure? Perhaps it might lead to an exclamation of, ‘Alphonse, There’s Mud on the Ceiling!’ 
Daisy Hirst’s ‘little monsters’ are identifiable siblings who see the potential in their setting until the accident with the sunflowers. How can the partners in play enjoy an expedition when they live on the seventh floor? Maybe there’s a world outside to discover? Could they bring that world indoors?
There are reminiscences of Everything You Need for a Treehouse in this original, empathetic, positive picture book. Bookwagon loves the relationships, the wonder and the opportunity. Welcome to ‘Alphonse, There’s Mud on the Ceiling!


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