Amari and the Great Game

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In Amari and the Great Game, Amari Peters returns with another mystery to solve. Nearly a year after Amari proved that magicians can be good, the state experiences a momentary time freeze, leaving the Supernatural World Congress trapped in time. A powerful magician must be behind this dastardly event. Amari turns to the secret League of Magicians, hoping to get help and disprove popular opinion about magicians.

Instead she is offered the Crown of Count Vladimir, a rare treasure that confers powers she doesn’t feel ready to accept. Her refusal triggers the Great Game, a deadly competition between born magicians to determine who will inherit these forces. As a new Junior Agent Amari is thrust back into the beguiling supernatural world.  She must find the mastermind behind the time freeze. She also enters the Great Game in order to save her brother from the curse he’s under. Luckily Amari has Elsie, her weredragon best friend, and other allies who help her save the world again.

Just like the first book, readers who fell in love with Amari will not be disappointed by this refreshing, energetic story that deftly weaves the playfulness of magic with real-world issues of misinformation and discrimination.

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Amari and the Great Game

BB Alston

(Farshore) – hardback

In Amari and the Night Brothers, Amari finds her brother and saves the entire supernatural world.  So, in this exciting sequel, Amari is convinced her first full summer as a Junior Agent will be no problem.  However, this is before she encounters the fearsome new Head Minister’s strict anti-magician agenda.  There are also fierce Junior Agent rivalries, while her brother Quinton’s curse is steadily worsening.
Furthermore, the highly secretive League of Magicians offers her a chance to stand up for magician-kind as its new leader.  Amari declines, she has enough to worry about! But her refusal allows someone else to step forward, a magician with dangerous plans for the League.  This challenge sparks the start of the Great Game, a competition to decide who will become the Night Brothers’ successor and determine the future of magician-kind. The Great Game is both mysterious and deadly, but among the winner’s magical rewards is Quinton’s last hope . . . so how can Amari refuse?
Just like the first book in this exciting story, Amari and the Great Game is thrilling, action-packed and full of great characters.  Amari in particular is bold and brave, funny, yet also vulnerable.  This combination makes for a magical and heart-stopping fantasy adventure.


1 review for Amari and the Great Game

  1. Paula Hale

    This was everything I wanted it to be. Action packed, exciting and fabulous characters. Loved it. What an excellent series this is so far.

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