Amari and the Night Brothers

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Amari Peters is a 12 year old black girl who lives in a poor part of town.  She attends a posh school however, where she does well but is bullied.  She is more troubled by the mysterious disappearance of her older brother Quinton, who vanished without a trace some two years before.

One day, she receives a strange text, apparently from Quinton. This leads her to a ticking briefcase in a wardrobe.  She is then thrown into an amazing journey into a parallel supernatural world of magicians, goblins and other mythical creatures.  As she pursues clues to the mystery of Quinton’s disappearance, she must face a series of challenges.

BB Alston’s Amari and the Night Brothers, has caused a huge stir in the publishing world. It has already been optioned for a Hollywood movie adaptation.  This is a thrilling fantasy adventure with great characters and huge amounts of humour and is well recommended.

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Amari and the Night Brothers

BB Alston


Amari Peters, a 12 year old black girl doesn’t fit in at her posh, mostly white school.  She is struggling with the disappearance of her brother, Quinton. When she discovers a clue in the form of a secret briefcase, Amari is thrown into a world she never expected.  It’s a world where goblins, witches and more are real. Furthermore, Amari’s quest to find her brother isn’t going to be easy. She has to navigate a series of trials to qualify as a Junior Agent at the Department of Supernatural Investigations. Quinton worked there before he vanished, and Amari is already at a disadvantage not having grown up in the magical world.
This sets up a thrilling adventure as Amari searches for her brother in this supernatural world.  BB Alston’s debut novel has received excellent reviews and has now been optioned for a Hollywood movie.  It is easy to see why.  Moreover, this great book will enchant readers who love their fantasy adventures to be thrilling and imaginative.
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BB Alston talks about this debut title in:- An introduction to Amari and the Night Brothers

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  1. Paula Hale

    This is the first in a fabulous new series, magic and adeveture await in a supercool way. Outstanding! A page turner from the start and I am already desperate for another installment.

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