Amazing Expeditions Journeys that Changed the World


‘Amazing Expeditions Journeys that Changed the World‘ reveals a selection of expeditions through the ages. It includes such rudiments as a key to maps, map symbols, routes, methods of navigation and a consideration of each subject’s legacy.

We begin with 6BCE and Hanno the Naviator who led 60 ships from Carthage (Tunisia) to Western Africa. Thirty thousand people were aboard the fleet that travelled around Morocco, created a temple to Poseidon, saw the volcano of Mount Cameroon to arrive in Senegal. Xuanzang travelled in 6BCE too, from Xian, China, through Mongolia’s Gobi Desert to Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, to India. Did you know that Marco Polo travelled for 24 years? That he worked for Kublai Khan? We know about his route, discoveries and adventures from the scribe who created his biography during Marco Polo’s imprisonment. I assumed that Marco Polo originated the Silk Route when in fact, this was already in existence.

From Zheng He to Ferdinand Magellan (the first explorer to circumnavigate the globe), Mary Kingsley, Hillary and Norgay, and Dame Ellen MacArthur, each of the twenty explorers is researched and revealed in compelling detail.

I recommend ‘Amazing Expeditions Journeys that Changed the World‘ to families and schools. There is so much to learn and fascinate in this very fulfilling book.

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Amazing Expeditions

Journeys that Changed the World

Anita Ganeri, illustrated by Michael Mullan

(Ivy Kids)

 ‘Amazing Expeditions Journeys that Changed the World’ retraces twenty extraordinary historical expeditions. Explorers demonstrated daring and exceptional bravery as they sought to learn about our world. From Hanno the Navigator to Dame Ellen MacArthur, each faced unknown obstacles and risks. They made life-changing decisions. Beyond this were unimaginable sacrifices at home and during their journeys.
What did they learn? What is their legacy and therefore how are they regarded? How DID their experience change the world?  ‘Amazing Expeditions Journeys that Changed the World’ is an outstanding book we urge you to read, share and love!


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