Amazing Night Sky Atlas


Lonely Planet Kids’ Amazing Night Sky Atlas really is the indispensable guide to astronomy and the night sky.  It covers the history of astronomical study as well as providing heaps of useful tips and activities to enhance the stargazing experience.  There is an exhaustive guide to celestial bodies and phenomena and it uses straightforward, uncomplicated text to explain sometimes difficult subjects, such as black holes.  The authors and designers use a range of media, including photographs and illustrations to help explain the night sky.  There is a particularly interesting section that describes how different cultures around the world draw inspiration from the moon, stars and planetary movement in their traditions and beliefs.

This superb book comes highly recommended!

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Amazing Night Sky Atlas

The Ultimate Stargazing Guide

Nancy Dickmann

(Lonely Planet Kids)

The Amazing Night Sky Atlas from Lonely Planet Kids provides a fun- and fact-packed guide to astronomy.  It features a dazzling mixture of photography and illustration and explores both the science and practicalities of stargazing.  This super book explains what can be seen in the night sky in both the northern and southern hemispheres.  It also provides tips on the best locations to place your telescope and scores of handy tips on how to use a telescope.
The author Nancy Dickmann also covers the background and history of astronomy.  A particularly fascinating section travels around the world to discover the different stories cultures have told about the night sky and the influence of the Moon and stars on their traditions and beliefs. The subjects covered include constellations, supernovas, Black Holes, meteors, asteroids and other celestial bodies.  This undoubtedly is an indispensable guide to everything in our night sky and a perfect addition to every budding astronomer’s (and school) libraries.
Bookwagon has a number of books about astronomy, including Listening to the Stars.  Go to the Astronomy UK web site for further resources and activities for young people.



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