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I love atlases and maps, always have.  If only ‘Amazing World Atlas’  had been available when I was at school (so long ago now it would have been printed on papyrus).  It is stuffed full of facts, both essential and unexpected, and is vibrant in colour, illustrations, photographs. All the information any child with a keen interest in the world is offered here.  ‘Amazing World Atlas‘ is part of a great collection of geography-based information/picture books published by Lonely Planet Kids, who have hit the target with this top quality title.

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Amazing World Atlas: Bringing The World To Life

Lonely Planet Kids

(Lonely Planet Kids) – hardback

Amazing World Atlas: Bringing the World to Life’ offers a wealth of fascinating facts. This fulsome title demands that you take time to explore and question. Furthermore there is enough information to build knowledge and make connections. Alongside works such as Great Adventurers or This is How We Do It, this title provides an understanding of the differences and development of our planet. This title goes a little further also, to realise what makes us tick. Therefore, it includes information about worldwide sport and culture, alongside photographs, graphs and infographics.
 ‘Amazing World Atlas‘ is laden with facts, anecdotes and glorious images to build understanding and enquiry.
This is the new (November 2020) edition of this ever popular and invaluable atlas.


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