Zibbo is ‘Amazing’. Although he’s a dragon, so different from other children’s pets, he is very well loved. He’s taught his owner how to ROAR, while he’s learned how ‘fly up and away’! He’s very good at basketball and hide-and-seek, but loves birthday parties most of all!

What happens when Zibbo’s party excitement leads to a disaster? Will his friends forgive him? Will they be keen to emphasise his difference, or might his apology help ease the situation?

Steve Antony’s message about difference is suggested subtly. Zibbo is a different kind of pet with quite unique behaviour, but what of his boy? Together, for these two, it seems that ‘anything is possible‘! What a positive, enabling picture book.

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Steve Antony


Zibbo is ‘Amazing’. While other children might have cats and dogs, our main character has Zibbo, a dragon! Zibbo’s learned how to fly and has taught his boy to ‘ROAR!‘ The pair laugh, sing, dance, sail, dance, snack…. Nothing gets in their way! What’s more, it seems as though Zibbo is very popular with the boy’s friends, too. They love playing hide-and-seek or basketball with him.
However, Zibbo’s favourite thing of all is parties. Sometimes he gets ‘a little overexcited‘. A dragon near candles?
Steve Antony has created a really credible, positive picture book in ‘Amazing’. Focusing on the differences presented through having a pet like Zibbo, is a natural way of deflecting attention away from our main character’s ‘difference’. Thereafter, we appreciate his message that ‘ANYTHING is possible‘ as a matter of course.
This title is reminiscent of The Boy Who Loved Everyone in its tender, encouraging message. The bright pictures and sequential, advancing arrangement are confident and enabling, also.


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