Amber Undercover


Amber Undercover…. she can hardly believe it! While Amber’s struggling over the changes in Vi that make her keen to extend their friendship group to include Taylor and Layla, another huge change emerges. Somehow, through a visit to Escape Zone, Amber’s been recruited to The Agency. What’s more she’s been trained in martial arts and is on her first mission.

Furthermore, it involves complete secrecy about her new role to school, her friend and then her parents. However her parents seem to have something else about which they’re more bothered, don’t they?

Then the mission takes Amber out of the country, to work in an elite boarding school, alongside another recruit, somebody with whom she’s bumped into embarrassingly, previously. Can Amber make this work?

Bookwagon loves this novel, from the writer of Son of the Circus: A Victorian Story and Nelson Mandela It is fresh, urgent, empathetic, relatable and curiously possible. We are so impressed by Amber, and Amber Undercover ,and hope there might be more stories about our spy to follow!

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Amber Undercover

That’s Right. Me. An Actual Spy

Em Norry

(Oxford University Press)

What would her mother and father and then best friend Vi make of the fact that it’s Amber Undercover. While they realise her love of maths and strength in strategic thinking, maybe they’d be startled to learn of her recruitment.
It seems that Amber’s actions  during a visit to Escape Zone were being monitored. What’s more her calm head and clear thinking demonstrated Amber’s unique skills to The Agency. Before long, Amber is being trained in martial arts by  Iyabo and preparing for her first mission.
Yet there are other things on Amber’s mind including huge, life-changing news at home. It is so dramatic that she feels she can neither share it, nor react. Then there’s Vi’s reaction to Amber’s increasing absence. While Vi seeks out other friends and continues to urge Amber to join her, she’s not comfortable with the friends, nor with the activities Vi enjoys. Furthermore, Amber feels Vi’s soreness at Amber’s increasingly last minute, rushed excuses for not being there for her. How on earth can Amber explain when she’s sworn to secrecy about what is really going on?
Spy stories like this, Vi Spy: Licence to Chill or Liar & Spy, are compelling reading. Amber Undercover is a superior book that we recommend highly, for Amber is created so fully; we understand her conflicts, from delight at being selected, to an under confidence that is constant, whether on a mission, or within her family and social relationships. Yet as we watch her train, react and operate, we realise Amber’s strengths and abilities and grow ever more certain that Clara and The Agency recognise.


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