Amundsen’s Way: The Race to the South Pole


What does it take to be the first? This is the gripping tale of the great Norwegian explorer’s courage, single-minded determination and ruthlessness in the race to the South Pole.

How will history view Amundsen? For his daring deeds, his discipline, or perhaps his deception?  Is he a hero or a villain?

Amundsen’s South Polar conquest is an extraordinary tale combining risk, intrigue and personal conflict.  Amundsen had a thirst for world records and employed astute planning and shrewd strategy to propel him onwards.  He would stop at nothing to secure his goals. His is a story testament to brilliance and courage.From the author of the highly acclaimed Into the White, and full of life-threatening challenges, hazards, deception, triumphs and disasters, Amundsen’s Way is that rare thing, a pure adventure story.


Amundsen’s Way: The Race to the South Pole

Joanna Grochowicz

(Allen and Unwin)

Amundsen’s Way tells the compelling tale of Amundsen’s triumphant conquest of the South Pole. This thrilling companion piece to the author’s earlier mighty tale of Antarctic exploration Into The White is absorbing and enlightening.  The narrative non-fiction style brings to life the personalities of the crew and emphasises the vital importance of the 72 dogs that pulled the sleighs.  Above all, we gather a nuanced portrait of Amundsen, a complex and driven character.  Highly recommended.


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