An Illustrated History of UFOs


An Illustrated History of UFOs is the indispensable guide to mysterious lights in the sky, alien abductions and government cover-ups. Why are we so preoccupied with UFOs?  The prospect of life beyond Earth stimulates our imagination of course.  Scientists and amateurs and have spent years documenting unexplained phenomena from flying saucers to extraterrestrial life.  This wonderful guide, with brilliant illustrations separates the science fiction from the facts.

The mysterious history of flying saucers is explored in-depth, from potential alien visitors as far back as Stonehenge, ancient cave paintings featuring strange creatures to UFO cults and the secrets of Area 51. Illustrator and graphic designer Adam Allsuch Boardman details the aircraft, history and artefacts associated with the search for the truth about UFOs.

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An Illustrated History of UFOs

Adam Allsuch Boardman


An Illustrated History of UFOs is just what the dedicated UFO-ologist has been waiting for! Illustrator Adam Allsuch Boardman brings his signature style to telling the story of our obsession with aliens and the search for extra-terrestrial life.  We start thousands of years ago with ancient cave paintings featuring strange creatures.  Further, through to the 20th and 21st century, we explore sightings and strange phenomena.  The author however, encourages to make up our own minds.
This graphic guide takes in Area 51, the Loch Ness Monster, crop circles and government cover-ups.  Above all, it is entertaining and the indispensable primer on a subject that baffles and fascinates in equal measure.
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