An Otter Called Pebble


Jasmine and Tom hear high-pitched squeaking from the river bank. To their astonishment, they discover an otter cub in distress. Pebble has been separated from her family, most probably during a move from their holt, or due to flooding. Now Jasmine and Tom are tasked with rescuing the otter cub and trying to recover her to her family. Where is the holt? Where is the cub’s family? Can Jasmine and Tom work their animal magic on ‘An Otter Called Pebble’? 

The Jasmine Green series is one of my favourites. Helen Peters creates interesting, fact based, reliable and highly enjoyable animal stories. We ‘hear’ Jasmine’s and Tom’s conversations. We’ve watched Jasmine’s growing responsibility in her approach to animals, realising, for example, how important it is not to imprint on Pebble.

I love the interventions of Ben and Manu. It makes us smile knowingly when the writer offers, ‘Ben was always extremely polite to adults. That was how he got away with being so naughty.’

Ellie Snowdon’s illustrations are subtle and empathetic. We are drawn into her descriptive scenes.

‘An Otter Called Pebble’ is a superb addition to a wonderful series. I am so happy to have this title initiated by  A Piglet Called Truffle aboard our Bookwagon.


An Otter Called Pebble

Helen Peters, illustrated by Ellie Snowdon

(Nosy Crow)

Animal distress calls disturb Jasmine’s and Tom’s tree house building. What could it be? They follow the noise to the riverbank to discover ‘An Otter Called Pebble’. Can Jasmine and Tom rescue the baby otter? Where are Pebble’s family?
Welcome aboard ‘An Otter Called Pebble‘. Bookwagon loves the Jasmine Green series. .


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