An Owl Called Star


What is the necessary support for an injured barn owl? When Jasmine and Tom discover ‘An Owl Called Star‘ during their dog walk around the farm, they are quick to act. Thankfully Jasmine’s mother is a vet. The advice of the Barn Owl Trust is crucial.

Jasmine has other things on her mind, than Star’s recovery and learning about his species. She and Tom have been denied a Halloween party. The deserted barn alongside their farm might provide an ideal secret venue for a party. The pair set to planning an event.

When Aisha’s hamster needs somewhere to stay, Jasmine is quick to volunteer. After all animal care is the occupation she and Tom have in mind. Why not start now? Jasmine’s certain  she can keep Biscuit out of the way of a recovering Star…

The direct information, familiar relationships and subject matter of animal care make this title, and the others in the Jasmine Green series, ideal reading fare. From A Piglet Called Truffle through to An Otter Called Pebble, and now the latest instalment, we have been gripped and fascinated.

Ellie Snowdon enhances Helen Peters’ stories with empathetic, natural sketches. Like the writing, these are respectful, truthful and skilled.

Bookwagon is so happy to welcome ‘An Owl Called Star’ aboard.


,An Owl Called Star

Helen Peters, illustrated by Ellie Snowdon

(Nosy Crow)

Jasmine and Tom see potential in the deserted old barn adjoining the Green farm. It could fill the gap as a Halloween party venue. However other creatures are interested in the barn including barn owls! On their walk with A Sheepdog Called Sky, the two friends discover a barn owl entangled in bramble.
Thankfully, Jasmine’s mother is a vet. ‘An Owl Called Star‘ is shocked and malnourished. Could constant care of the type recommended by the Barn Owl Trust enable a full recovery? Thereafter, Jasmine has other concerns. There’s the secret Halloween party, for starters. Furthermore, there’s an opportunity to practise the sort of animal care that Jasmine and Tom wish to pursue when they’re older. It seems like Aisha’s hamster is in need of care while she’s away.
Bookwagon loves the Jasmine Green series. Helen Peters’ skilful storytelling is enhanced in this series through her practical approach to farms and animal life. There is so much to learn. Furthermore, she has created realistic characters about whom we care and feel familiar in Jasmine and Tom and their families. Ellie Snowdon’s illustrations highlight the story intriguingly and effectively. Welcome to the patch, ‘An Owl Called Star’! 


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