Anatomicum (Junior Guide) is a  specially adapted version of the best selling anatomy picture book for adults. This is a treasure-trove of information about the human body.  We see how our bodies work and the elements of construction. The book works brilliantly in the form of a permanently open gallery exhibit.

Have you ever wondered what is the function of blood? Do you know how many bones comprise the human skeleton?  How do your eyes and ears work? You will find the answers in this brilliantly illustrated and written guide.  Moreover, the text is witty and informative, but never dull.

Anatomicum is a fabulous achievement, an information book that readers will enjoy and learn from for years.


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Anatomicum (Junior Edition)

Curated by Katy Wiedemann and Jennifer Z Paxton

(Big Picture Press) – hardback

Published in collaboration with the Wellcome Collection, Anatomicum offers human body museum, with a gallery that is open all hours. It seems as though this lavishly illustrated guide leads on an incredible journey around the human body! Our path moves from the intricate workings of the brain, to the tiny muscles that display emotion!  We see how each life starts with just one cell and thereafter, how the body changes with age.
Have you ever wondered how many blood cells and bones there are in your body? This book provides the answer to this and many more questions.
Anatomicum has been adapted to suit the needs and interests of younger readers. This means that the text has been clarified so as to be more engaging to younger readers.  The original book’s dynamic design is retained. A treasure trove of information awaits!
Bookwagon is aware of the interest of readers in anatomy. Titles such as Anatomicum and Kay’s Anatomy inform and fascinate. The authoritative construction of both books mean they answer and explain through regular revisiting and sharing.



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