Ancient Warriors


Flavius Belisarius is one of Roman history’s great leaders. He employed battle tactics similar to Alexander’s Companions and battled with ships equipped with the legendary Greek Fires. Flavius is one of the Ancient Warriors included in Iris Volant’s exceptional book. Alongside other warriors, we learn how different fighters fought, the weapons they used and the battles they won.

Therefore, we read of the English bowmen’s victory at Crécy, where the French knights panicked and fled the battlefield. We’re captivated by the Greek overthrow of the might of Xerxes in the Battle of Salamis. Despite being massively outnumbered, the warrior strength and wit, where they bashed enemy ships and broke off their oars, are staggering!

Iris Volant examines the nature and reasons for warfare. She examines different methods. We realise how different fighters learned from each other. The impact of battles through the ages is suggested thoughtfully in the writer’s research. Ancient Warriors is a superb book that we recommend to readers at home and school.

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Ancient Warriors

Iris Volant & Joe Lillington

(Flying Eye Books)- hardback

Food and the fight for survival meant we were all warriors once. Ancient Warriors battled for land and status. This title offers a history of warriors across continents and ages. We read about the weapons that the first warriors would have used, from bronze swords, arrowheads and spearheads. These first warriors battled to keep their fertile lands in Mesopotamia, around which they built ever higher walls! Meanwhile Mayan warriors would sacrifice any high ranking enemies. Furthermore, these warriors would fight with notched atlatl spears, and live hornet gourds!
Iris Volant’s books make such satisfying reading. We learn so much from reading the facts and the interesting snippets too. There is accessible information with timelines and pointers. For example we read how the Egyptians used what they learned from chariot attack so as to develop their own feared fighting vehicles! Within the general historical information is included biographies of great leaders such as Hannibal Barca! Thereafter, we learn about other warriors like Sun Tzu, whose writings on warfare are read to this day!
Ancient Warriors is an ideal companion piece to Ancient Wonders and Ancient Games. Bookwagon recommends these titles to non-fiction loving readers and for rich learning opporutnities in school.


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