Angel of Grasmere: From Dunkirk to the Fells


The mayhem of the British withdrawal from Dunkirk has cost Tarn’s beloved older brother his life. How can things ever be the same again for her, her family, or the community? It seems everything is upturned, and all because of the Nazis.

It means that word of a planned Nazi invasion of Britain is taken seriously. After all, look at the state of Britain. It’s July 1940 and the realities of WWII are clear. Life is grim, desperate, hopeless. However, what of an ‘Angel of Grasmere’? Some anonymous local who’s looking out for the welfare of the community? Rescuing stranded sheep and injured farmers? Who is this person? Then again, can it be the type of person who’s imagined?

Tarn’s on the hunt for signs of Nazis. She’s determined to out them, and their sympathisers by way of reprisal for what’s happened to her. However what if her determination comes unstuck with a discovery?

Tom Palmer’s empathy, research, insight and storytelling strengths are at play in a wonderful novel that Bookwagon loves and recommends highly. Angel of Grasmere: From Dunkirk to the Fells is a splendid, satisfying and meaningful story.

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Angel of Grasmere: From Dunkirk to the Fells

Tom Palmer

(Barrington Stoke)

Who is the stranger making acts of kindness? It’s like they’re an Angel of Grasmere. Tarn and her community are bemused, though grateful. After all, this is a time of war, darkness, fear and suspicion. Therefore, to discover sheep saved from snowdrifts and help called for an injured farmer is something miraculous!
Then again, Tarn’s in dark despair anyway. After all, her beloved brother lost his life in the mayhem of the British withdrawal from Dunkirk’s beaches. How can life ever be the same again? Then again, there’s a real possibility of Nazi invasion. What hope is there for happiness ahead? It means that Tarn and her friends are determined to out any sign of Nazis, or sympathisers, from their Cumbrian homes.
Tom Palmer‘s wartime books are heartfelt, brilliantly researched and meaningful. Like After The War, Angel of Grasmere: From Dunkirk to the Fells uses the rich wonder of the Cumbria as its setting. The breadth of this place, alongside its beating pulse in England’s geography and history, make this story, From Dunkirk to the Fells more poignant, somehow.
Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome Angel of Grasmere: From Dunkirk to the Fells, aboard.


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