Animal Ark


Animal Ark’ is a collaborative project between National Geographic Fellow and founder of Photo Ark, Joel Sartore, and Newbery winner Kwame Alexander- Booked.

Alongside pin-prick perfect animal portraits, of creatures from far and wide, Kwame Alexander offers intricate haiku. These describe each creature uniquely, perfectly. Each page calls for the reader to study exactly in minute detail, with wonder.

Included within ‘Animal Ark’ is the necessary guidance as to the identity of each creature. I turned to these reference pages repeatedly! There is also information about the habitat and status of each creature.  ‘Animal Ark’, like Brendan Wenzel’s Hello Hello encourages an attachment to each ‘character’ that makes this information more difficult to bear, than news reports.

‘Animal Ark’ is a glorious picture book record. I could imagine this being lingered over in a bedroom, from a bookcase, in bed, or on classroom or class library floor.


Animal Ark

Celebrating our Wild World in Poetry and Pictures

Photographs by Joel Sartore, poems by Kwame Alexander

(National Geographic)– hardback

 ‘Animal Ark‘ is a collaboration by two artists at the top of their fields. ‘Animal Ark’ offers word picture haiku against stark, glowing first person animal portraits. Information about each creature, is included in this glorious creation.
Joel Sartore is a National Geographic Fellow and award winning photographer.  He founded Photo Ark, which seeks to create a photographic archive of every creature on our planet.
Kwame Alexander is a Newbery winning children’s writer and founder of the ‘Versify’ imprint.


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