Animals Behaving Badly


Did you know of monkey bandits who raid hospitals for food, even investigating medical equipment for something appetising? Or  mountain parrots who joy ride on accelerating buses? Or male sperm whales who have learned how to detach black cod expertly from the Alaskan fishermen’s lines? Have you heard of wolverine that can break apart a trap more than twice their body weight?

These ingenious facts about very different creatures are described  and expanded upon in this fascinating collection by esteemed nature writer, Nicola Davies. Nicola Davies has a light hand and draws her reader into learning and enjoying the animal kingdom in its wonder and diversity. ‘Animals Behaving Badly’ is a great read, with so much to share and think about, for readers of any age.

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Animals Behaving Badly

Nicola Davies, illustrated by Adam Stower


Young readers will love this fascinating selection of facts about ‘Animals Behaving Badly‘. We sense Nicola Davies enjoyment of her subject. Her zoology background alongside her fluent explanations ensure the information is fascinating, and often very funny!


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