Animals with Tiny Cat


Tiny Cat returns in ‘Animals with Tiny Cat‘! This time she’s busy exploring. It’s astounding what can be done with things that might be found. From party hats to hairbrushes, plastic tubing to skeins of wool, Tiny Cat can be anything or anyone he wants. There’s a vast collection, that grows and grows until it becomes…..

The animals Tiny Cat creates are various, surprising and wonderful. The sparse Typewriter text within black and white bordered slate blue pictures are compelling and careful.

Viviane Schwarz is an inspired and creative picture book maker. Bookwagon adores her picture books and urges readers from younger years to adults to explore- rather like Tiny Cat!


Animals with Tiny Cat

Viviane Schwarz

(Walker Books)

 ‘Animals with Tiny Cat‘ is an hilarious, wildly creative and captivating picture book. It seems like this feline is feeling mischievous and inventive. Furthermore she’s in need of a character change! Who might she become. Why with a rug and a roly poly she could be…. a snake? What about with some booties on her paws? Could she become a horse perhaps? We know this cat from Counting with Tiny Cat. Moreover, we know her reckless sense of fun! While she’s not the most reliable companion, she is very adventurous! We’re up for a laugh and lots of entertainment with Tiny Cat….
There are additional curiosities to be discovered at every reading. Additionally, there  are more laughs! Somehow the simplicity of pen and ink invite us to feel more attached and ready for fun. Bookwagon suggests, further, that the inspiration and skill of this picture book maker ensures that this book is suitable for a wide range of ages. Not only that, but it’s a title that will be loved and read and shared for years. Altogether, ‘Animals with Tiny Cat‘ is recommended to all our lucky readers.


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