Anisha Accidental Detective: Granny Trouble


It seems that the prize won by Anisha and her best friend Milo in the school’s science fair of a visit to the National Science Museum in Leicester is just the excuse Anisha’s family needs. Suddenly, it’s become the Mistry Family Road Extravaganza, with a luxury mini bus hired and the whole family en route. What’s more, everybody seems to have a reason to go, from Mum’s search for candles and incense sticks, to Aunty Bindi’s fashion needs. Meanwhile, Anisha’s beloved Granny Jas is planning to top up all her spices.

What’s more, Leicester is holding a Wonders of the World festival that includes an exhibition of a world famous diamond. It’s top of the itinerary that Anisha and Milo plan when they, and Anisha’s twin cousins, take the day to explore.

However, it’s only shortly after the four leave the exhibition that the police arrive. It seems the diamond has been stolen. What’s more, it’s Granny Jas who’s led away in handcuffs!

Can Anisha employ her instinctive skills of deduction to prove Granny’s innocence alongside identifying the real diamond theft?

Anisha Accidental Detective: Granny Trouble is a third outing for Anisha and her family. It is a thoroughly enjoyable story with such warm relationships, and a truly inspiring lead character at its heart too. Bookwagon loves and recommends this title, alongside recommending its series.

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Anisha Accidental Detective: Granny Trouble

Serena Patel, illustrated by Emma McCann


The Mistry family has rented a 14- seater mini van but still Uncle Tony needs a roof rack for Aunty Bindi’s bags! It seems that Anisha’s Science Fair prize from Anisha Accidental Detective School’s Cancelled, has resulted in a Mistry Road Trip Extravaganza in support! The whole family is heading to Leicester and a visit to the National Space Centre.
However, they’re making a real break of it, with time to visit the Wonders of the World festival. Amongst this is an exhibition of a very famous diamond.
Is there any way that the children might be able to explore the festival and exhibition together? After all, Granny has spices to collect, while Aunty Bindi is after fashion shopping and Mum’s seeking ‘candles and incense sticks’. Thereafter, they all need a service station stop, when they encounter a most curious group. Why does Mr Patel scratch beneath his wig? Furthermore, why are they so unfriendly toward the Mistry family’s enquiries and welcome?
However the biggest surprise arrives in Leicester itself. Not only is there a shock of grannies, but then Anisha’s very own Granny Jas is arrested…. What is going on? Can our logical investigator put all the parts together to identify the real diamond thief?
 Serena Patel offers a third, welcome visit with Anisha’s family and friends. Anisha Accidental Detective: Granny Trouble is a busy, engaging and warm rush of a story that we love and recommend!


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