Anisha Accidental Detective: Show Stoppers


It’s a fourth investigation for Anisha and her friends in Anisha, Accidental Detective: Show Stoppers. While Anisha’s excited to realise her skills in an assistant director role with the Year 6 play, she’s wary of performing. However, she’s delighted to realise Mindy’s skill and Milo’s flexibility in performance. Thereafter she’s rather distracted, for it seems someone is keen to hinder the play’s performance. Could it be that Miss Jive is really as inefficient as considered by colleagues from her previous school? Or could it be that there’s foul play afoot?

As Anisha gathers clues, she’s building up a history of Miss Jive and thereafter former associates. What’s more, it seems that Milo’s grandmother’s cat has a part to play in the ‘bad luck’ affecting production.

What will Anisha learn? Can she crack the case? Will the show go on?

Bookwagon loves and recommends the Anisha, Accidental Detective series. We are delighted to welcome this fourth title, Anisha, Accidental Detective: Show Stoppers, aboard.

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Anisha Accidental Detective: Show Stoppers

Serena Patel, illustrated by Emma McCann


It seems it’s a new case-  Anisha Accidental Detective: Show Stoppers.Year 6 are in an uproar when Mr Graft announces they’re off timetable for a week. It seems the school is one of four in Birmingham invited to create and perform a new play over a week. Not only is there a huge trophy to be won, but one performer wins a place in a summer drama academy. While Anisha’s interests are not with drama, she volunteers as assistant director role. However, Milo and Mindy and Beena are fired up and ready to show what they can do. What’s more, this might be Miss Jive’s moment to shine. It seems that she had a reputation as ‘jittery Jive‘ at her last school.
However as auditions, rehearsals and preparations progress, it seems there’s something dodgy about events. Could there be foul play?  Not only is there suspicious flooding, but then the stage curtains are cut, while the costumes disappear. However, will a footprint and a new knowledge of cats help our sleuth?
Bookwagon loves this series from Serena Patel. It seems that as in Agent Zaiba Investigates: The Missing Diamonds, Anisha’s cool headed, considered and thoroughly fair. What’s more this fairness extends to others who may not be as thoughtful as she is. Altogether, it makes this title, and the other books in the series, a really fulfilling, enjoyable read. Therefore, Bookwagon recommends Anisha Accidental Detective: Show Stoppers highly.


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