Anisha Accidental Detective


What is Anisha to do? Her home is in a melt down with Aunty Bindi a jibbering wreck the day before her wedding. Although Aunty Bindi is Anisha’s favourite aunty, Anisha is frustrated by her hysterics! As Anisha escapes to her best friend Milo, she collects a letter. The envelope seal lifts to reveal the word- Kidnapped. It’s her uncle-to-be, Tony! Who would kidnap Uncle Tony? There are only 24 hours until the wedding. Anisha’s house has a huge marquee, hundreds of guests, flowers, the mehndi party and such fuss and glitter and pink! What can Anisha do?

Aided by best friend and animal intuition expert Milo, Anisha seeks to track down Uncle Tony’s movements. Why did Uncle Ricky call Anisha’s house unexpectedly? What is Uncle Tony’s chauffeur, Mustaf, seeking to hide? Then there’s Granny Jas, not to mention the evil twins. What of Uncle Tony himself?

With a ‘heading for the hills’ lobster and a chaotic, warm setting, this title soars! There is so much to enjoy, from the asides and notices Anisha posts for her readers, alongside the distraction of Milo. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome and recommend Anisha Accidental Detective. 


Anisha Accidental Detective

Serena Patel, illustrated by Emma McCann


Anisha Accidental Detective is in the eye of a storm! It’s the day before the wedding of Aunty Bindi and the mehndi party lies ahead when ‘the marquee will be filled with family again‘. Although Aunty Bindi is Anisha’s favourite aunt, the one ‘who makes her laugh‘, her stress levels are out of control. Part of the problem seems to be that Aunty Bindi cannot reach prospective groom Uncle Tony on the telephone. What has happened? Anisha’s strengths are in being calm, orderly and systematic. However she feels completely overwhelmed! Then she collects a letter from the letterbox. What happens when the seal lifts to reveal the word ‘Kidnapped’? Anisha knows this message of Uncle Tony’s kidnapping will send Aunty Bindi over the edge. What can she do?
She calls on AI (animal intuition) expert and best friend, Milo. Although he’s tangled up with the chaos caused by his cat, he realises that Anisha is in a pickle. Milo loves Anisha’s warm, outrageous family and is determined to help. First there’s a lobster to rescue from Granny Jas’s curry pot! However it’s not long before they encounter Uncle Tony’s chauffeur Mustaf, and thereafter the evil twins, Manny and Mindy. Bit by bit, Anisha and Milo must unpick the few clues available from the kidnapping note and Uncle Tony’s movements, to rescue him and then the wedding!
Anisha Accidental Detective is the debut title of Serena Patel. While it is a detective story, it is also funny, informative and very inclusive. I love the organisation, with links to vocabulary and traditions, alongside poster style information snippets. This is a really engaging book, with the promise of future books in a series, too.


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