Anna and Otis


Anna and Otis‘ are the best of friends. They have adventures and love exploring. When Anna decides that it’s time to explore the town, Otis is a little trepidatious. You see, not everyone sees the possibilities of snakes like Anna does. Some people are terrified.

When the townspeople behave ‘crossly, meanly and unkindly’, Anna determines that Otis and she will ‘be brave and try again.’ A shampoo at Silvio’s hairdressing salon breaks the ice for Otis. People see that he’s friendly and open to adventures. The skatepark is a big step for snake-kind, but Otis takes it on!

Anna and Otis‘ is curious and most original. Themes of friendship and welcome are evident yet not patronising, for the story of the girl and the snake is unique and most refreshing! Crisp summer colours and broad painted landscapes encourage this impression.


Anna and Otis

Maisie Paradise Shearring

(Two Hoots)

One lazy afternoon, Anna suggests that she and Otis should explore the town. They’re off for adventures! Yet not everyone in town is as accepting of Otis, as Anna! How would you react if you were to meet Anna’s best friend, a snake? How can ‘Anna and Otis‘ convince the townspeople that Otis is not terrifying, but a really inventive friend?


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