Another Kind


Holed up in a government research facility, a group of young human ‘hybrids’ are learning to control their strange and unpredictable powers.  They form a happy and supportive group, although hanker for the outside, of which they know little.  Life for them is safe, but frustrating, but they are at least protected from the outside world, which can be judgmental of their differences.

However, when a security alert forces them out of the facility, their lives change forever.  They become the latest prey of The Collector, a mysterious being capable of great harm and possessed of extraordinary powers.  The Collector sets his agents onto the hunting of the children.

Can the group stay together to thwart The Collector’s evil plan?  As they learn the importance of sticking together and how to harness their special powers, they must fight to not end up being the newest additions to The Collector’s growing collection.

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Another Kind

Cait May and Trevor Bream

(Harper Alley)

In Another Kind, six ‘hybrid’ children search for a new place to call home.  Their background stories tell how they came to be prisoners in a government research facility.  Here, their special powers are examined and they are experimented upon.  But Another Kind is not your average monster story.
Tucked away in the government facility nicknamed the Playroom, the not-quite-human young people learn to control their strange and unpredictable abilities. Life is good, for the time being.  They are safe, at least and hidden from the prying eyes of a judgmental world.  That is, until a security breach forces them out of their home. They are thrust into the path of the Collector, a mysterious being with leech-like powers.  The Collector controls a team of hybrid hunters and is determined to capture the hybrids.
Can the group band together to thwart the Collector’s devious plan?  Or will they wind up as the newest additions to his collection?
This is a fabulously illustrated graphic novel with astounding art work.  It also works hard to establish each character, sharing their back stories to great effect.  The camaraderie of the group is beautifully described, while the underlying message of acceptance and celebration of difference is also much to be celebrated.
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