Anzac Boys


‘Anzac Boys’ are the Australian and New Zealand (Kiwi) Army Corps heading to Gallipoli. Bert’s Colonel tells his troops that ‘Johnny Turk is no fighting man. He’ll surrender as soon as he sees you storming up the beach.’

Bert’s been let down by authority. From the church charged with caring for him and his younger brother, Frank, to the Australian overseers on farms and sites to which he was sent. He’s promised Frank that he will ‘always take care’ of him. Is it possible? Will battle offer opportunity or further oppression, loss and fear?

Tony Bradman recreates a true story of forced emigration and the Gallipoli campaign honestly and movingly. We are drawn into Bert’s story. ‘Anzac Boys‘ is a moving picture of painful, shameful decisions, within a brave history. This story has been created within a dyslexia friendly format. 

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Anzac Boys

Tony Bradman

(Barrington Stoke)

Anzac Boys’ are Bert and Frank, brothers sent from the orphanage to Australia. Their early life is harsh, yet Bert promises Frank, ‘I’ll always take care of you.’ Is it possible? Church, authority, emigration and war are divisive forces. Tony Bradman creates the setting and sensibility truthfully. ‘Anzac Boys’ is raw and riveting.



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