Apes to Zebras


Liz Brownlee, Sue Hardy- Dawson and Roger Stevens have created a truly memorable poetry book in ‘Apes to Zebras‘. Laboratory like, perfect words have been selected to sculpt each animal into its image. Every subject is realised and almost eulogised through its own beautiful poem.

R’-Rooks for example, is presented as a series of L- wing shaped, adjectives and observations  spread across a portrait A4 page, black to a heather- grey background.

G’- Giraffe, is a stretched rhyming poem:- ‘Giraffe is made of speckled light/ his head’s a long way from his knees/ and if you doubt he looks quite right/ it’s so his tongue can reach the trees….

The variety, interest, quality of poetry and presentation are superb.

Bookwagon recommends ‘Apes to Zebras‘ highly, for bedtime reading, reading alone, for classrooms, and forever.


Apes to Zebras

An A-Z of Shape Poems

Poems by Liz Brownlee, Sue Hardy-Dawson and Roger Stevens

(Bloomsbury)- hardback

 ‘Apes to Zebras‘ is an exceptional poetry creation. Specific words and careful shapes describe an alphabetic selection of animals. ‘Apes to Zebras‘ is a beautiful book that we recommend a copy to every home and classroom library. Will you be ‘A’ for awed, or ‘Z’ for zinging?


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